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UNDISPUTED: adj. not challenged or questioned; accepted.  This creative vision began with Ivy Lorraine, when she was a student attending Prairie View A&M University, an HBCU located in Prairie View, TX.  Ivy Lorraine was inspired through the art of the world and felt as though her University and generation were both lacking the Excellence of Culture. So, she rounded up twelve friends, soon to be colleagues, and birthed the idea of UNDISPUTED.



To be UNDISPUTED you are taking the challenge to disrupt the common thoughts of the world, with the passion of not only your art, but  the art of everyone else surrounding you. 

You believe that you can challenge almost anything in this world, EXCEPT one’s self-expression, whether it be through Art, Music, Dance, Fashion, Culture etc.  You belive the notion of no one person being greater than the other, and that collective ideas all equal the UNDISPUTED movement.
You hope to not only change the face of Excellence, but also aim to be an inspiration to move the generation, starting the promotion of black excellence through

self discovery and self-expression.


If you believe this you are truly 





December 7, 2014 


A Lot of Flowers 


 Studies have shown that when empty urban lots are replaced with greenery depression may be eased in the members of the community. 

The A Lot of Flowers Project is a project with the goal to purchase a lot in inner city Houston, Texas. This lot will be transformed into a beautiful paradise filled with peace, greenery, and flowers. 

Fundraising has begun Check out the Shop :)  

If you would like to know more about the project feel free to email us

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