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How to Cultivate a Resilient Business


T- Mobile Magenta Edge



I am very excited to partner with @tmobile for Business and share my personal experience building a small business that has persevered through challenging times. Tap the link in my bio to read which three key components to establish early on to help cultivate a resilient business. #MagentaEdge .
Cultivating a resilient business that will stand up under pressure is just like growing a plant. In order for a seed to sprout, it must be planted in rich and healthy soil. As the founder of Ivy Leaf Farms, an urban farm in Houston, TX, dedicated to creating neighborhood wellness and food equity, I know how essential healthy soil is for hardy plant growth and all sustainable agriculture. Likewise, for a business to prosper and remain resilient in challenging times, it must be rooted on a solid foundation that includes three key pillars: a mission statement, business rapport, and leadership. With these components, you'll establish the bedrock needed to build a successful company that can weather adversity.

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