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Ivy Leaf Farms 

A Community Farm 

Ivy Leaf Farms is dedicated complete neighborhood wellness while creating a sustainable food 

 After moving into the Sunnyside Community I knew this is the area that I needed to lay my roots. 


According to city records, in 2015 the neighborhood had 20,071 residents. 88% were non-Hispanic black. In 2016, 30% of the community was below the poverty line with many households making less that 25,000 a year. The neighborhood is also listed as the number 1 most dangerous community in Texas and the 6th most dangerous community in America. 


After becoming a resident of this neighborhood: the statistics are simply not my experience. I see a community that needs access to both opportunities to grow, develop and have healthy and sustainable food sources. It’s not uncommon for residents to find rotting fruit and vegetables on the shelves at the local grocery store. This gives us no choice but to travel outside of our own community to find healthy foods. With limited time and resources this becomes an even more difficult feat. My goal for this farm is to become a source for organic produce within the community and help to alleviate some of the food scarcity issues we face.

Grow Baby Grow

 I have a three step vision for the growth of Ivy Leaf Farms: 

  1. Expand the farm to additional lots within the Sunnyside community which will allow us to host gardening classes and events dedicated to teaching community members how to farm sustainably within their own backyards and using limited resources. 

  2. Establish a mobile market that travels throughout the neighborhood weekly, allowing community members with a lack of transportation to receive the groceries they need. 

  3. Host farm-to-table events and eventually establish a brick-and-mortar location in the form of a healthy food restaurant where local farmers and artisans will be able to sell their produce and crafts.

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